Meredith is a graphic designer currently working for Caraway Home.

Kern Conference

FALL 2021.

Branding/Editorial Design/Layout Design

Developed for my Identity Systems class, I was assigned the objective of creating a brand for a Typography conference. I created the  KERN Type Conference brand as a celebration of letterforms and typography. Inspired by the intricacies of different genres of typefaces, I decided to marry two opposing letterforms into one cohesive logo design. The following resulted in an experimental brand with a living logo that utilized type as image.

Project Brief

KERN is an annual design conference that celebrates typography, typographers, font designers, and letterers
Your challenge is to:
Design the conference logo system
Develop a typographic layout system that can cohesively unify all conference touchpoints,
Document the system in a brand guidelines document

Layered Type

This Identity system was built using two different typefaces.
Octane: A Variable Serif Type Face
Ladi: A Fluid San Serif Display Type
When combined, both fonts work together to create an
elegant image that celebrates the letterforms of the typefaces.


Layout System & Color Palette






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