Meredith is a graphic designer currently working for Caraway Home.

Orange Magazine 


Branding/Social Media/
Art Direction/Layout Design

ORANGE Magazine is an independent student-run magazine based in Austin, Tx. The Magazine focuses on Pop Culture, Art, Music, Lifestyle, and culture geared towards students studying at the University of Texas. During My time at ORANGE Magazine, I spearheaded two print issues, one zine, and oversaw online website content. I also created assets for our social media pages and worked with my Co-Editors to develop ORANGE's online presence & brand. The following are selections from the two print issues I helped bring to life during my time at ORANGE.

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Caraway Home

Graphic Design

Projects featured from current position at Caraway Home.

Kern Conference

Branding & Identity Design

An identity system developed for a graphic design type conference.

ThredUP Internship

Graphic Design & UI/UX

Projects featured from Summer 2021 internship at ThredUP— a sustainable thrifting company.

Orange Magazine

Editorial Design & Branding
Assets from tenure as Creative Director for a Pop-culture and Lifestyle magazine based in Austin, Tx. 

Dune Movie Rebrand 

Branding & Identity Design

A rebranded campaign for the release of the sci-fi film Dune: Part One.


Graphic Design & Animation & Branding

Featured Projects from IMBODHI, a sustainble activewear company.

Graphics & Small Projects

Graphic Design 

A collection of smaller projects showcasing various styles of layout design and graphic design.