Meredith is a graphic designer currently working for Caraway Home.

Meredith Cambis



The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design,
Minor in Business


Junior Graphic Designer

  • Designed print layouts for direct mail
  • Developed ads for paid social, created organic social content, and developed emails
  • Collaborated with creative team to produce 2022 holiday campaign
  • Created and proofed packaging assets

Contract Graphic Designer 


  • Designed social media content including motion graphics, Instagram stories, and emails
  • Branded for events and developed merchandise
  • Edited video ads for Instagram

Design Intern

  • Created content for social media, including Instagram Giphys, graphics, social icons and banners, and illustration
  • Generated over 15,000 likes for thredUP’s social media platforms over three months
  • Developed landing pages for thredUP desktop and mobile website

Creative Director

  • Spearheaded creative team in creation of two print issues, one zine, and online content 
  •  Managed a team of twenty+ designers, photographers, and videographers 
  • Directed layout, graphic design, and art direction of print issues, photoshoots, and video shoots.

Advertising Intern

  • Created advertisements and various assets for advertising groups and clients


Tools: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, XD), Microsoft Office, Figma, Squarespace, Asana, Snap Lens Studio, Miro, Canva

Skills: Graphic Design, Branding, HCI/UX Design, Art Direction, Video Editing, HTML/CSS, Illustration, Copywriting

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Caraway Home

Graphic Design

Projects featured from current position at Caraway Home.

Kern Conference

Branding & Identity Design

An identity system developed for a graphic design type conference.

ThredUP Internship

Graphic Design & UI/UX

Projects featured from Summer 2021 internship at ThredUP— a sustainable thrifting company.

Orange Magazine

Editorial Design & Branding
Assets from tenure as Creative Director for a Pop-culture and Lifestyle magazine based in Austin, Tx. 

Dune Movie Rebrand 

Branding & Identity Design

A rebranded campaign for the release of the sci-fi film Dune: Part One.


Graphic Design & Animation & Branding

Featured Projects from IMBODHI, a sustainble activewear company.

Graphics & Small Projects

Graphic Design 

A collection of smaller projects showcasing various styles of layout design and graphic design.