Meredith is a graphic designer currently working for Caraway Home.

Taylor Swift “Eras” Project

Graphic Design /Print Design/Merch Design

A  concept design of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, featuring merchandise, promotional materials, and concert posters.

The Inspiration vs. The Re-Design (Initial Concept)


To create a structured, easily transferable campaign identity based on the original design of Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour.” 


— Application of Color
— Gridded Layout System 
— Staggered Typography Placement

“ERAS” Posters

Application of themes across multiple styles. Objective of creating a cohesive but flexible identity system that could translate singer’s various “Era” aesthetics.


A horizontal application test of the grid system. 
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Caraway Home

Graphic Design

Projects featured from current position at Caraway Home.

Kern Conference

Branding & Identity Design

An identity system developed for a graphic design type conference.

ThredUP Internship

Graphic Design & UI/UX

Projects featured from Summer 2021 internship at ThredUP— a sustainable thrifting company.

Orange Magazine

Editorial Design & Branding
Assets from tenure as Creative Director for a Pop-culture and Lifestyle magazine based in Austin, Tx. 

Dune Movie Rebrand 

Branding & Identity Design

A rebranded campaign for the release of the sci-fi film Dune: Part One.


Graphic Design & Animation & Branding

Featured Projects from IMBODHI, a sustainble activewear company.

Graphics & Small Projects

Graphic Design 

A collection of smaller projects showcasing various styles of layout design and graphic design.